LOCATION: Shipping from Portland, OR
Expected Delivery Times: US & Canada - Each item is made to order. You will be notified if your order is expected to take a bit longer.
How soon can I expect my order? 1-10 shipping days. Each item I send out is handcrafted by me alone. This includes creating, designing, labeling, and shipping. Handcrafted items do take a little longer to produce. I appreciate your patience. 
Problems Orders: If there is a quality issue with your purchase please contact me and each inquiry will be handled promptly. If you don't receive your order in 12 days, contact me and we can discuss the next step. Onya'e Naturals is not responsible for lost/stolen items.
Returns: The nature of each product does not allow for it to be returned because of quality standards.. Due to the nature of the products, I do not accept used items. If item arrives damaged please send a message along with your tracking number, your name and a photo of the item and the outside of the package.  A claim will be filed with the shipping carrier. All products that are damaged will be replaced as long as the following criteria is met. 
Health Risk: Please educated yourself on Essential Oils and ingredients before using them. All information provided is for educational purposes only and has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Always test product on your hand 1st. 





Founded by: Jasmine Onya'e Kelley | June 2014
Name origin: Onya'e is the founders middle name | pronounced: [on] [yay]
How did you get started? Onya'e Naturals was created with the intent of taking care of our skin with non-toxic ingredients only. In college I started getting into clean ingredients that everyone can use on their body from the kitchen. Finding out that I can still take care of my body with natural oils and butters with results led me into creating a brand for my Graphic Design Thesis. After college I created Onya'e Naturals officially. I feel that what we put on our skin is just as important as the food we eat. All of my skincare items + candles are all handmade by me with natural ingredients of 6 or less that are nourishing and healing for the skin and all-purpose.
Custom Orders: are welcomed! Send a message and we can talk about your needs.
Are your products Vegan? Yes! I test each product on myself. 
Every item is non-cruelty, paraban-free, and vegan friendly.
Do you Ship International orders? Not at the moment
Which products can be all-purpose?  Body Butter, Moisturizer and Lip Balm
How big is the team? I make each product while maintaining a full time job

POP-UP REQUEST: If you would like natural handmade skincare pop-up or workshop event, please send to: onyaenaturals@gmail.com Due to the increasing number of orders and inquiries and the fact that I am a one woman owned business, Please allow 5 business days for a response.